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 Pattern: 12X12 Square tile pattern, High gloss
  • Commercial Office Space Interior Design
  • Cola Stain, reddish brown resembling old leather.
  • Single cut engraved grout line.

One foot square tile, high gloss, commercial space, I use multiple layers of a commercial grade wax over the surface to achieve the high gloss and to protect the floor. 

 Pattern: Texas Flagstone
  • Residence - Interior Flagstone

We used a combination of stains; Malay Tan and Black.  We allowed the engraved grout line to remain a natural color.  The engraved grout line is hand cut twice between each stone pattern to give the pattern a more natural look that adheres to the shape of each individual stone shape.

 Pattern: Smooth Finish
  • Residence Interior Design

This bathroom is a smooth finished surface stained with a Cola stain. 

 Pattern: 21X21 Diamond Pattern with a stained engraved grout lines

  • Residence Interior Design

The engraved grout lines were cut with a narrow blade then stained with a Malay Tan stain.

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