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We can create custom designs from our designs, or your photographs, line drawings or ideas. Any Pattern, Design, Size and Logos.  From your blue prints, job specifications, line drawing or ideas, we can fabricate a template for most any pattern, and size you need.

For example...How about a floor mural cut into the concrete, say 20 feet high and 100 feet long... a string of trunk to tail circus elephants with a beautiful maiden riding high on the leads head... the elephants all wearing the finest colorful circus attire and the maiden... nothing at all. These things are all possible and much, much more! What can you imagine?

 Pattern: Custom Celtic Knot
  • Residence: Interior Entranceway

This entranceway has a strategically placed Celtic knot cut into the doorway heading into the living area.  We used a variety of stain colors as well as a variety of stain mediums.  We first washed the surface with an acid wash, we came back with a dye to help camouflage the imperfections of the surface left by the carpet adhesives. 

We then stained the surface with Cola stain and cut our engraved grout lines and Celtic knot patterns, then washed the complete surface to blend the colors and help soften the effect.  We finished off the rooms with a black dye border to help accent the tiles and Celtic Knot. 

 Pattern: Texas Star
  • Residence Exterior Porch

This porch was treated to a smooth finish with a Malay stain.  We cut the Texas Star just above the top step.  This pattern is also available with accent highlights and shadows painted into the star to give the star much more depth.

 Pattern: Custom Tile
  • Residence Interior Living Room

3 by 4 - 16X16 blocked tiles finished with a clear sealer, outlined by a 10 border stained with a Malay tan stain.

 Pattern: Texas Flagstone
  • Residence Exterior Patio

We used a combination of stains to create a unique turquoise look to the patio.  We used Cola, Aqua Blue, and English red, allowing the engraved grout line to remain a natural grout line.  The engraved grout line is hand cut twice between each stone pattern to give the pattern a more natural look that adheres to the shape of each individual stone shape

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